The Department of Turkish Language and Literature aims to train Turcologists who equipped with their own and other related scientific fields and acquired sufficient knowledge about contemporary literature following new information and developments related to the literature.

Another aim of the department is to teach Turkish language, literature and culture;  to train the scientists to do research; to research in cooperation with the people and institutions working in this field at domestic and abroad. Consequently it purposes to create excitement of living and working together with the people in the Central Asia, the Balkans and Middle East that we have connected with the neighborhood and kinship relations since history by generations learned Turkish language spoken in an area of ​​11 million square kilometers by two hundred fifty million people at a good level.


Our vision is  to train students who are knowing the sources of information and are accessing to information. Organizing participation in the courses for active student.

Besides creating a student profile that is capable of investigations and applications. Since the first school year to conduct research in their field. To determine education strategies taking into account regional differences and pursue innovations and developments related to the field.


Department of Turkish Language and Literature was founded at Faculty of Arts in 2011. The department compose from New Turkish Literature, Old Turkish Literature, Folk Literature, New Turkish Language, Old Turkish Language and Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures. Department of Turkish Language and Literature has started to take undergraduate and graduate students from the academic year 2015-2016. There are four  professors, one assoc. prof. and two research assistant in the department. The education language is Turkish and preparatory class are optional.